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MAJOR NAME BRAND MATTRESS'S - Sell at 70% off Retail and make 2 1/2 times
You read it right. And we have over 20 accounts doing it already. These are two of the largest brands in the business. Sell better upper line goods, not low end promotional product.
Books: Dollar Store Medley (500 pc assortment)
A wonderful assortment of books with three categories nicely mixed in: CHILDRENS, INFORMATIVE AND FICTION. All new, factory cased perfect and current (within 5 years).
Celebrity & Performance Book
Pre-Priced $35.00. From Word's Top Photographer's Workshops, by Andy Steele. Performance offers a tantalizing showcase of paparazzi shots, event photography, and celebrity portraiture.
The Prince of Egypt - Moses in Egypt Book
Pre Priced $4.99. By Dreamworks™ A 5x8", 165 page novel by Lynne Reid Banks. This powerfully moving novel was inspired by epic film The Prince of Egypt and The Book of Exodus.
The Prince of Egypt -The Movie Scrapbook
Pre Priced $8.99. By Dreamworks™ A 9x10" full color 64 page scrapbook. An in-depth look behind the scenes by Thomasine Lewis. Includes how were the special effects used to create the amazing Red Sea Scene.
1/6 T-Sack Bags 700 Count Case
A true 700 count case. First quality white bag with THANK YOU...Have a Nice Day printed in red on bag. A good quality China made bag...not ultra heavy but not junk. Will stand up to normal use very well.
The USA Today® College Football Encyclopedia 1953 to 2008
1,335 page, 8.5x11" full color cover, paperback. Pre priced $24.95 By Bob Boyles and Paul Guido. A comprehensive Modern Reference to America's Most Colorful Sport.
Philips™ 133553 - BC40R14N Reflector Flood Light Bulb
On a full color blister card. Small base mini spot light bulb. Regular retail $ 6.99 Super value.
Cookbook Tropical Settings
Another gorgeous hardcover cookbook to help us warm up and forget about the cold outside. Tropical Settings: A Collection of Recipes from the Junior League of Ft. Myers Florida
Liquid Laundry Detergent 5 gallon Tubs Major Brand Mfgr
Can't advertise the name but major maker (Orange and Blue Packaging). These five gallon tubs don't come labeled but are a super value and come in 5 different varieties. Super $29.99 to $39.99 retail value.
Auto Dishwasher Detergent PODS 300 Count
Can't advertise the name but major maker (Orange and Blue Packaging). These square tubs hold 300 single use pods...tubs don't come labeled but are a super value Super $29.99 to $39.99 retail value.
48 CD/DVD/Video Game Wallet Holder by Sentry
Holds 48 CDs / DVDs. Ideal space saving CD/DVD holder for people on-the-go to use for storing music, games, data, school and business files. Protects CD and DVD media from dust and scratches.
BBQ Wood Handle Serving Fork by Robinson Knife
Very nice quality serving fork carried by major department stores with hard wood handle and hang tag. Call for take all pricing.



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