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Mix of Board Games
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Mix of Board Games
Price: $1.20

Mix of Board Games at NEW Blowout Price $1.20 each          

   Players 2-4 • Recommended Ages 10+ • Time to Play 45 minutes
It's 150 years in the future and mankind has spread throughout the solar system. To supply far-flung colonies, they look to the Rocket Jockeys! The planets depend on timely cargo arrivals - but this is not enough for the rocket jockeys. They compete with one another to see who can complete the fanciest maneuvers, transport the most important cargo, and visit the most planets.
   In Rocket Jockey, you must be daring and you must be quick. You must be tough, for first contact with alien life is near at hand. Deliver your cargo with the most flair and speed and you will win the game!
Online $8.00 to $24.24.

   Exciting, new game • 2-4 Players • 60 minute playing time • Full color box.
Johari is a world famous jewelry market in Jaipur, so naturally in the game Johari you and your fellow players will try to buy and sell gems in order to come out tops on the market.  
   The game lasts ten days, with players taking three actions each day. At the start of each day, the market is seeded with new gems, gold and prestige cards, with the stores holding only items of the same type and bazaar booths holding whatever comes to them. A new noble visits the market each day, offering a special power to whoever wants to pay for the privilege, with his price dropping each day.
   Online from $18.99 to $34.99.

   Illustrated box measures 10 x 10 x 2.5" • 3-6 players • ages 8-12 years • About 20 minutes to play.  
Picture driven game promotes social interaction and a level of chance bundled in a cloak of hilarity.
Leap into the wild world of Lemming Mafia. Bet on lemmings as they race to be the first to Jump. But yours more than a mere wager. Lemming bosses give you missions. You must slow some lemmings or stop them altogether by putting them in concrete shoes. You must guide your favored lemmings, using jackhammers to cut off any concrete and limos to speed them along. Pick the right mission and the swiftest Lemming and you win. Laughingly Larcenous Leaping Lemmings.
   Sold elsewhere for $39.99.

   Full color box measures 7.7" x 7.7" x 1.8" • Game is for 2 players • ages 8 and above.  
Popular Pirate treasure hunt play is fast and fun. Gold Ahoy! consists of 36 square tiles that are laid out in a 6x6 grid in the course of the game. The tiles contain two landscape types: water and sand. Water is in the corners and sand is on the sides. A treasure chest sits in the center of each tile, which is one of the two colors. Placed together, the tiles form a water/sand maze. During the game, players take turns drawing a tile and adding it to the grid in almost any location; the one restriction is that a player cannot extend the grid in the direction of the opponent. When the grid is complete, players score one point for each chest that is connected to more exits on their side of the grid than on the opponent's side. Whoever has the highest score wins. 
   Online $9.99 to $19.99. Compare at $19.99 Call for take-all deal!

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Qty: 7009
Case Pack: Varies by title
   Rocket Jockey: none
   Johari: 0 29877 03506 9
   Lemming Mafia: 0 29877 04121 3
   Gold Ahoy: 029877045045

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